Instantly connect with your students in just a single click with our SMS Broadcast System

Like in other organizations, communication is vital for its operations. How do you ensure that your students get announcements from your office during emergencies and urgencies? How can you warrant that your students will only receive official statements from your administration?

These are some of our inspirations in creating our SMS Broadcast System. To create an innovative technology system,strengthening communication efficiency of every school in the country and to help schools organize their flow of communication.

Official Name, Official Announcements

We will create a registered title that corresponds to your school’s name. The name will appear as the message sender to all your students. This will give your students the security that the news, announcements, notices, and other messages are official statements from your school.

Avoid any miscommunication brought by unreliable sources of school information. Let your students get it straight from you. We are glad that our system is compatible to all types of phone units-from the latest smartphones to your beloved sturdy Nokia units!

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Alumni Newsletter

Keep your previous students in the loop with our newsletter specifically for your beloved alumni. Give them the latest news and update of their alma mater with our one-click alumni newsletter subscription.


Student Feedbacks

Let your students speak and find ways to listen to them. Our Student Feedback will encourage students to express their opinions, reactions, as well as a venue for them to send their inquiries.