Frequently asked questions

General questions

Cost depends on the number of enrolled students. Please check our Pricing page for our different packages.

Absolutely! We can give you a glimpse on how our system works by contacting us directly.

Yes. With multiple servers hosting our system, it works as long as there is an Internet connection.

We only collect mobile numbers and e-mail addresses - no names, addresses, and other confidential information- thus, securing your privacy. Only school and server admins can access these data. Our server is also protected with the latest technology and database encryption.

Furthermore, we are bound by NTC regulations regarding spams that is why we need a document from the school that we are allowed to broadcast and send bulk SMS to your students.

We are bound by NTC regulations and LEGALLY approved to operate nationwide. Bulk SMS is illegal. Using a regular SIM is also not allowed by all three telecommunications companies or telcos ( Globe, Smart, and Sun). Regular sim cards are also limited to 1 message every 3 seconds. There is also no way to confirm that the message is legit because it has a 12-digit number, eg: 0933XXXXXXX. Parents will never trust their child’s safety from random text from a regular number.

Sending bulk text messages using a regular sim card is prohibited. Telcos can block your number anytime. Under Fair Usage Policies provided by networks, unlimited SMS is not actually unlimited.

Student Feedback-Related Questions

Only students and registered users can use this feature – no outside users can use, risking system abuse. In case students and users are abusing the system , administrator can ban the mobile numbers preventing them from sending a feedback.

Depending on the school, we will provide them a 9-digit number that the school will use for the feedback system. Example: FEEDBACK and send to XXX (9 digit number)

Yes. Subject to first come, first serve policy.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a 4-digit number for free. What we can do is to process the number to all three networks for you. It usually cost Php25,000 per network per month. Therefore if you want to avail the 4-digit number to all networks, it will be an additional cost of PhP75,000 pesos a month.

You can view them from the admin portal.

Broadcast-related Questions

Yes. Our system can work with all networks – Globe, Sun Cellular, Smart, TalknText,etc.

Students will receive a message from a customized sender’s name that corresponds to your school’s name. For example, student will receive a SMS from “HARVARD”, for Harvard University, making all messages sent as official and not just from any random numbers.

We have an agreement with telcos to change the sender's name in compliance with NTC regulations. We also need some documents from your school to comply with these rules.

Yes. Our system can support various phone models from the latest iPhone to older units like Nokia 3210.

No. They also can’t send a message since they will only get “YOURSCHOOLNAME” without any number.

Yes. As a web application, our system relies on Internet connection to broadcast. We are currently working on letting the system work via SMS alone but there is still the issue of privacy especially when the phone will be lost or stolen – phone may be used to send SMS to your students without your permission.

We will provide the link for students to sign up. You can also give us an Excel file that we can import into our system.

Nothing. Students will not be charged for every messages received.

The system has a average speed of 1,000 messages per minute. Therefore, if you have less than 1,000 students, all students will received it within 1-2 minutes.

Network problems such as low signal, clogged or busy may affect such speed. We don't have control over the message once it reaches the telco for sending. For schools with more than 5,000, it should be less than 7 minutes while it takes a maximum of 15minutes for a school with 10,000 students.

Absolutely. We organize and categorize the students from departments to levels for you to exclusively send messages – example, announcements for graduating students, orientation schedules for first-year students, class suspension for elementary classes only, etc.

Yes, we also organize and group them giving you the opportunity to broadcast for a certain group within your organization.

Alumni Newsletter-related Questions

We will provide a link where they can join the newsletter. You can easily share the link via Facebook. They can also sign-up from your website – we will embed a code that you can paste on your school’s site.

No. You can have as many alumni subscribers as you like.

Yes, we do. We let you enjoy having your very own design for your newsletter. We only need an HTML code for the design and we will add it to our system.