All Network broadcasting

Our system can send messages to ALL networks. Students can receive messages for free!

Official Name, Official Announcements

With designated school name, all messages sent to students thus become your school's official statements and announcements.

Student Feedback

Let your students be heard! With our Student Feedback feature, students can report, ask inquiries, or simply to express their feedback to your school.

More than 400,000 SMS in 6 months!

For the past 6 months, our school partners have sent more than 400,000 SMS – from general announcements to emergency notices like class suspensions.

Trusted by 12,000 students & school admins

We ensure to deliver the most urgent messages with our system's capability of sending up to 1,000 SMS/minute.

Alumni Newsletter

Keep in touch with your alumni courtesy of our newsletter that graduates can subscribe in a single click.